15 Simple Mason Jar Flower Arrangements To Elevate Your Decor

15 Simple Mason Jar Flower Arrangements To Elevate Your Decor

Embrace the timeless allure and bespoke charm of mason jar flower arrangements. These charming creations are more than just flowers in a jar; they're a statement of personal style, a nod to nature's endless variety, and a testament to thoughtful craftsmanship.

As you read on, you'll discover how each flower, twig, and leaf is selected to bring a harmonious burst of life to any corner of your space.

Whether you're a floral enthusiast or simply looking for that perfect gift, our guide showcases the unique blend of beauty and practicality that these arrangements provide.

1. Charming Preserved Flower Arrangements

Discover the elegance of preserved flowers with this stunning jar flower arrangement from The Daily Blooms. At its heart lies a deep red rose, a timeless symbol of love and affection.

This majestic bloom is encircled by pastel-toned hydrangeas in gentle shades of pink and cream, embodying grace and beauty.

The fluffy, white cotton blooms add a unique contrast, softening the overall look with their cloud-like appearance. These are all delicately placed in a clear, ribbed glass jar.

The jar's simplicity not only elevates the arrangement's elegance but also allows the vibrant colours of the flowers to shine truly. The brown filler also offers an earthy touch, ensuring the bouquet stands firm.

A touch of the countryside is brought in with a sprig of dried grass, rising just above the flowers for a rustic flair. Complementing this is a satin cream ribbon, neatly tied around, which adds a refined, gift-like quality.

This mason jar flower arrangement is a masterpiece of lasting beauty, its preserved nature lending a timeless elegance. The soothing colour palette makes it versatile for any decor, from modern minimalist to classic traditional.

Ideal for adding a dash of charm to your home, it fits perfectly on a bedside table, as a living room centrepiece, or as a heartfelt gift.

With The Daily Bloom's preserved arrangement, you can enjoy the beauty of flowers for much longer than the usual bouquet.

2. Fresh And Playful Flower Arrangement

The vibrant hues and joyful atmosphere this fresh and playful floral ensemble created are elegantly presented in a simple mason jar.

This arrangement combines a delightful mix of colours and textures, combining the charm of traditional floristry with the simplicity of modern design.

Pink carnations bloom with admiration and gratitude with pink chrysanthemums, radiating joy and optimism, a delightful reminder of the brighter sides of life.

Adding a dash of classic romance are the magenta roses, symbols of love and appreciation, nestled among the blooms.

The bouquet is given a playful twist with bright yellow Craspedia, also known as billy balls, which bring a whimsical touch and signify good health.

All these are lovingly arranged in a clear glass jar, making the stems part of the visual experience. The jar is tastefully adorned with a dual-toned bow in calming shades of blue and lavender, enhancing the bouquet's inviting charm.

This floral jar arrangement celebrates everyday beauty, ideal for occasions like Mother's Day or birthdays or as a cheerful get-well-soon gift. It's a heartwarming blend of warmth, care, and affection designed to brighten any living space with casual elegance.

3. Serene Springtime Symphony Flower Arrangement

This jar bouquet encapsulates the essence of spring with its harmonious selection of pastel-hued flowers.

It features delicate pink roses, the epitome of grace and sweetness, alongside cheerful yellow tulips that seem to capture the warmth and brightness of the sun.

Adding a splash of vibrant colour are the purple grape hyacinths, embodying a playful and sporty spirit. Wispy white blossoms add a gentle softness to the arrangement, while sprigs of fresh greenery bring natural freshness.

Encasing this floral medley is a classic mason jar, lending a rustic and simple charm to the bouquet. Wrapped around the jar is a creamy white ribbon, subtly enhancing the arrangement with an air of understated elegance.

This flower arrangement can be a celebration of new beginnings and the natural beauty that spring brings. Its calm and rejuvenating aura makes it an excellent choice for various occasions.

Ideal for Easter, a heartfelt Mother's Day gift, or as a token of friendship or love, its pastel palette and informal elegance also make it suitable for a casual wedding or baby shower decor.

4. Rustic Jar Flower Arrangement

Embrace the charm of simplicity with this rustic jar flower arrangement, a perfect addition to any space craving a touch of natural elegance.

The centrepiece of this display is a straightforward, clear glass jar of medium size. Its wide mouth is ideal for housing a generous assortment of blooms, creating a full and inviting look.

The arrangement is a delightful blend of dried flowers, offering beauty and longevity. Pale purple blooms and dried lavender can add a subtle splash of colour in the arrangement.

Complementing these are feathery fronds of what might be dried pampas grass or millet, lending a soft texture to the bouquet.

This setup exudes a natural, rustic vibe that brings a sense of calm and simplicity. It's a nod to those who appreciate dried flowers' enduring beauty and muted tones, along with their practical, low-maintenance appeal.

The arrangement fits seamlessly in relaxed environments like a cosy café or a home kitchen. The rustic appeal is further enhanced by a lantern-style candle holder with a white candle and another moulded candle on a small plate nearby.

5. Refreshing Yellow Roses Arrangement In Blue Glass Vase

These yellow roses in a jar is an arrangement that combines vibrancy with elegance. The bouquet finds its home in a tall, blue glass vase, whose vivid colour adds a striking modern touch.

This sleek vase contrasts beautifully with the floral display, enhancing the overall appeal.

The bright yellow roses are at the heart of this arrangement, full of bloom and symbolising joy and friendship. These roses are nestled among smaller yellow filler flowers and an assortment of green leaves, adding texture and a lush look to the bouquet.

The aesthetic of this arrangement is cheerful and uplifting, with the yellow roses radiating warmth and happiness. The cool blue of the vase beautifully offsets the warmth of the yellow, creating a visually pleasing and balanced effect.

Ideally placed against a white wooden panel with a weathered paint finish, this bouquet fits seamlessly in environments where rustic charm meets contemporary style.

The design creates a tight, rounded bouquet that allows the roses to take centre stage.

The clarity of the water in the vase can also contribute to the arrangement's fresh appearance, while the stems are thoughtfully arranged to be an integral part of the display.

Simple in its colour palette – just yellow and green against a striking blue – this arrangement is versatile enough for various settings, from adding a touch of brightness to a home to serving as a festive centrepiece.

6. Whimsical Rose Flower Jar Arrangement

The enchanting charm of this whimsical rose jar arrangement is a delightful addition to any space celebrating love and affection.

The mason jar arrangements include three identical clear glass jars, each nestled within a stylish metal wire basket compartment. This unique combination of materials brings an industrial yet refined touch to the display.

At the heart of each jar blooms a large, captivating pink rose that showcases a stunning gradient of hues, with petals transitioning from pale pink at their edges to a richer pink towards the centre.

This natural variation in colour hints at a carefully selected rose variety known for its beautiful colour gradation.

The overall aesthetic of this arrangement is unmistakably whimsical and romantic, making it an ideal choice for occasions like Valentine's Day or anniversaries. It exudes a sense of playful love and charm.

Adding to the romantic and playful theme is a string of heart-shaped garlands, alternating white and pink hearts, dangling gracefully to the left of the jars.

The centrepiece jar also features an additional elegance - a red ribbon tied around its neck and red decorative elements at the bottom, perhaps glass pebbles or crystals, introducing a contrasting colour and a hint of sparkle.

7. Vibrant Mixed Floral Arrangement In Glass Vase

This vibrant mixed floral arrangement, elegantly housed in a simple glass vase, has a broad base and narrow opening, showcasing the flowers' natural beauty and allowing the stems to converge gracefully. At the same time, the blooms spread out in a splendid display.

The floral composition is a lively assortment, starting with large peach-coloured flowers — possibly carnations or garden roses — that infuse a soft, romantic air into the arrangement.

The bright orange lilies add an exotic flair with their striking colour and unique shape. Small pink buds, perhaps hypericum berries, interspersed among the larger blooms, offering a playful charm and a contrasting texture.

Lush white hydrangeas complement the medley, contributing to volume and a sense of fullness. The arrangement is interspersed with various green leaves, enhancing its natural diversity and fresh appearance.

Set against the backdrop of a wooden table with a dark finish, the clear vase allows the beauty of the stems to be visible, adding an extra dimension to the display.

The arrangement's overall aesthetic and mood radiate joy and abundance, making it an ideal choice for celebratory occasions or to add a splash of colour to any space.

8. Sunny Floral Display Arrangement In A Glass Vase

Sunny Floral Display, elegantly presented in a clear glass vase, is wrapped with an off-white raffia ribbon, evoking a sense of rustic countryside allure.

At the heart of this arrangement is a large, striking sunflower, its dark brown centre and bright yellow petals capturing the essence of a sunny day.

Accompanying this sunflower are cheerful yellow marigolds or chrysanthemums, interspersed with delicate greenery. This combination adds texture and fullness, creating a joyful and energetic mood.

The arrangement is set against an outdoor backdrop, evident from the reflection of a blue pool and a stone wall in the background. This setting suggests a leisurely and refreshing environment, perfect for enjoying nature's beauty.

Adding to the natural charm are wisps of straw-like material amongst the flowers, enhancing the whimsical feel. The reflective surface of the table on which the vase sits amplifies the light and colours, making the display even more vivid and inviting.

Ideal for anyone seeking to bring a touch of outdoor cheer into their space, this Sunny Floral Display in a Glass Vase is a simple yet stunning choice.

9. Pastel Bouquet Arrangement In Wrapped Vase

The charm of simplicity with this delightful mason jar flower arrangement is a true celebration of spring's beauty.

The vase is intriguingly wrapped in crinkled brown kraft paper, tied at the neck with natural twine. This crafty, organic look adds an earthy, homemade feel to the bouquet. This arrangement is a delicate composition of springtime favourites.

It features pink hyacinths, which are a feast for the eyes with their dense clusters and enchant with their sweet fragrance. The soft yellow and cream roses are full and gently opened, radiating warmth and joy.

You can also add a splash of cool contrast petite blue grape hyacinths or bluebells. White and green baby's breath or similar blossoms, introduce a light, airy touch. The bouquet comprises green buds and foliage, providing a lush, verdant backdrop.

The vase's eco-friendly kraft paper and twine wrapping, complete with a blank tag for personal messages, hints at a handpicked, personalised gift. This arrangement is ideal for anyone seeking spring's serenity in their home.

10. Elegant Pink Roses Arrangement

The understated elegance of this pink rose arrangement is gracefully set in a clear, square-shaped glass vase.

This charming display is not just about the blooms; it's also about the thoughtful details. An assortment of smooth, natural stones rests at the vase's base, lending an earthy touch to the overall presentation.

The arrangement itself is a delightful gathering of large pink roses. Each rose unfurls its petals with natural grace, creating a soothing and romantic atmosphere.

The inclusion of hypericum berries further enhances their beauty. These small but striking additions contrast beautifully with the roses, their vibrant green leaves and clusters of pink and peach berries adding depth and texture to the bouquet.

The design of this arrangement is particularly engaging. Roses are cut at varying heights, creating a dynamic, organic look that suggests they were freshly picked from a garden.

The clear vase plays a crucial role, too, allowing the beauty of the stems and the stones to be visible, adding to the arrangement's charm.

With its gentle hues and natural elements, this arrangement is perfect for those seeking a touch of elegance and tranquillity in their home or office. It's a testament to the beauty of simplicity and the timeless allure of nature.

11. Delicate Mixed Flowers Arrangement In A Glass Jar

Explore the charm of a delicate mixed flower arrangement, beautifully presented in a clear glass jar. This simple yet elegant jar arrangement showcasing the stems and water level adds a fresh, natural aesthetic to the overall design.

The arrangement is a delightful mix of flowers, each contributing its unique beauty. White and pink sweet peas take centre stage with their ruffled petals and enchanting fragrance, evoking images of an English garden.

Deep red miniature roses or carnations offer a striking contrast with their bold hue.

Interspersed throughout are wisps of baby's breath or similar small white flowers, adding a light, airy touch. Lush green sprigs form a vibrant backdrop, highlighting the vibrant colours of the flowers.

This selection of flowers, reminiscent of a handpicked bouquet from a cottage garden, effortlessly creates a whimsical and romantic mood.

A bright yellow ribbon loosely tied around the jar's neck adds to the charm. This playful pop of colour not only complements the flowers but also enhances the cheerful vibe of the arrangement.

Viewable from multiple angles, this arrangement is perfect as a small table centrepiece or a welcoming accent in any cosy space, appealing to anyone who appreciates the simple elegance of mason jar flower arrangements.

12. Country Charm Flower Jar Arrangement

This mason jar flower arrangement captures the heart of rural simplicity. In a round, clear glass jar, this arrangement allows an unobstructed view of the stems and water, showcasing the bouquet's full structure and natural elegance.

At the heart of this bouquet lies a cluster of pink hydrangeas, their full, lush heads forming a captivating focal point. Complementing these are bright yellow flowers, possibly loosestrife or snapdragons, their upright stance adding a striking contrast of colour.

Adding to the rustic charm are sprigs of wheat or similar grasses, which lend height and a touch of the countryside. Dark purple berries from a beautyberry bush, dot the arrangement with small points of deep colour and intriguing texture.

Interspersed green leaves also enhance the natural wildflower look, contributing to the bouquet's overall appeal.

The aesthetic is casual yet cheerful, reminiscent of a freshly picked selection from a garden or meadow. The transparent jar, showcasing the stems submerged in water, adds a fresh-from-the-garden feel, evoking an image of recently plucked flowers brimming with life.

This arrangement is perfect for anyone who appreciates the simplicity and charm of mason jar flower arrangements, bringing a slice of country life into any setting.

13. Unique Floral And Fruit Arrangement In Ice-Filled Vase

Explore a refreshing twist on floral design with a unique floral and fruit arrangement in an ice-filled vase.

This distinctive creation features a clear glass-footed vase, partially filled with what appears to be crushed ice, offering a cool and refreshing visual effect.

The arrangement is a harmonious blend of floral and fruity elements. It includes tall spikes of white Veronica or Liatris, which add a striking vertical dimension.

Complementing these are dark foliage, perhaps purple basil or similar ornamental leaves, providing a dramatic contrast. Small clusters of white blossoms, likely spray roses, infuse a classic floral elegance.

What sets this arrangement apart is its integration of whole fruits. Ripe apples and perhaps an orange are artfully nestled among the flowers, introducing an element of organic abundance and vibrant colour.

This creation exudes a whimsical yet sophisticated air, marrying the traditional charm of flowers with the grounded, unexpected presence of fruit.

The innovative use of ice or an ice-like substance is a novel touch, likely intended to keep the arrangement cool, perfect for an outdoor event in warm weather. This feature adds a captivating textural element to the display.

14. Sophisticated Floral Elegance In A Glass Vase Arrangement

Discover the elegant charm of this unique floral arrangement set in a tall, cylindrical, clear glass vase.

This vase, offering an unobstructed view of its contents, is partly filled with a layer of deep red cranberries. These serve as a colourful and original base and add a touch of organic texture to the display.

The arrangement is adorned with exquisite white blooms, creating a visually striking contrast. It features large, pristine white roses that draw the eye with their full, velvety petals.

Adding a modern twist is a succulent with a green rosette shape, bringing an unexpected element to the traditional floral composition.

Completing the arrangement are sprigs of delicate greenery and filler flowers, which add a soft and airy touch.

The overall aesthetic exudes refined elegance, making it an ideal choice for formal occasions or as a sophisticated centrepiece in a dining setting. Rather than traditional stones or glass beads, the creative use of cranberries as a base sets this arrangement apart.

The neatly bundled greenery and flowers rise from the cranberry base, creating a delightful interplay between the roses' vivid red and pure white.

This arrangement will captivate anyone looking for a simple yet sophisticated floral display.

15. Rustic Floral Bouquet Jar Arrangement

Embrace the charm of the countryside with this Rustic Floral Bouquet Jar Arrangement. The flowers are beautifully housed in a metal bucket with a galvanised finish, lending it a delightful rustic and farmhouse appeal.

This bouquet is a vibrant tapestry of flowers featuring cream and lavender roses that are full and abundant, their petals arranged in captivating spirals.

Accompanying these are bright purple lisianthus, or eustoma, which offer a rich colour contrast and delicate petal structure.

Adding to the mix are sprays of tiny yellow flowers, providing a subtle yet enchanting colour and texture. The arrangement is further enhanced by lush green foliage, including the aromatic eucalyptus leaves, contributing a fresh and natural element.

The design achieves a harmonious balance of colour and form, with the roses and lisianthus standing out amidst the softer textures of the smaller flowers and leaves.

The muted colour of the jar beautifully complements the vibrant hues of the flowers, creating a piece that is both eye-catching and heartwarming.

This arrangement will captivate anyone seeking a simple yet stunning floral display with a touch of rustic elegance.

Conclusion About Mason Jar Flower Arrangements

Mason jar flower arrangements bring a touch of effortless elegance and rustic charm to any setting. They're the perfect embodiment of simplicity and beauty, blending the quaint allure of the countryside with the sophistication of contemporary floral design.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mason Jar Flower Arrangements

What Flowers Look Good In Mason Jars?

Mason jars are versatile and can complement a wide variety of flowers. Wildflowers, daisies, sunflowers, and lavender lend a charming, rustic look, while roses, tulips, and peonies offer a more classic and elegant appearance.

The key is to select blooms that match the casual yet chic aesthetic of the mason jar, keeping in mind the balance between the jar's size and the flower's volume and height.

What Are Creative Ways To Personalise A Mason Jar Flower Arrangement As A Gift?

Personalising a mason jar flower arrangement can be as simple as tying a ribbon in the recipient's favourite colour around the jar or as intricate as painting the jar with a design that has personal significance.

Adding charms, a handwritten note, or even using the jar to layer in small, meaningful trinkets among the flowers can turn your floral gift into a memorable keepsake.

Another thoughtful touch is to choose flowers that have a particular meaning or are the recipient's favourites.

How Can I Incorporate Dried Flowers Into A Mason Jar Arrangement For A Rustic Look?

Dried flowers are ideal for creating a rustic look in a mason jar. Mix dried blooms like hydrangeas, roses, or lavender with elements like dried wheat, eucalyptus, and sprigs of herbs.

For added texture, consider including fresh greenery or fillers like baby's breath, which will dry nicely within the arrangement, complementing the overall dried flower theme over time.

How Do I Choose The Right Size And Shape Of A Mason Jar For My Flower Arrangement?

The size and shape of your mason jar should be dictated by the type and number of flowers you plan to use. Opt for a larger, wider-mouthed jar for taller stems or larger blooms like sunflowers or hydrangeas to provide adequate space and water.

Smaller jars are perfect for more delicate flowers like wildflowers or sprigs of herbs. Always ensure enough room for the stems to sit comfortably without being too cramped or too sparse in the jar.

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