20 Unique Farewell Gift Ideas For Colleagues On Their Last Day

20 Unique Farewell Gift Ideas For Colleagues On Their Last Day

Selecting the perfect farewell gift is a meaningful gesture that reflects the appreciation and camaraderie shared in the workplace. A well-chosen gift can etch lasting memories and convey heartfelt good wishes as a colleague embarks on a new journey.

From exquisite flower boxes to personalised memory books and scented candles to practical desk plants, these thoughtful gifts are designed to leave an indelible mark, celebrating the moments cherished together in the professional realm.

In this guide, we explore a curated selection of unique gift ideas that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring your coworker's departure is memorable and touched with sentiment.

Read now and discover the ideal farewell gift to make your colleague's farewell memorable.

1. Flower Boxes

Flower boxes are the perfect farewell gift idea as they effortlessly convey heartfelt sentiments. They symbolise the beauty of shared moments and the hope for a bright future.

As a perfect farewell gift, flower boxes from The Daily Blooms embody beauty and sentiment, making them a standout choice among farewell gift ideas.

Our collection is not just a mere assortment of farewell gifts; it's a celebration of artistry and lasting impressions.

We have Flower Cake Bloom Box, an exquisite arrangement resembling a delightful cake dressed in charming red and white tones, making it a truly thoughtful farewell gift.

For those seeking something more enduring, the Preserved Bloom Box is an excellent choice.

This limited edition arrangement, available in blue, red, or purple, features a preserved rose and is complemented by hydrangeas, mint fern, pampas grass, and cotton with dried filler flowers. It's a personalised farewell gift that preserves the essence of your bond.

And for a touch of whimsy, consider the Bear Bloom Boxes. Available in various colours and with the option of including a cute little cactus, these boxes are great farewell gifts and imbued with a sense of lasting companionship.

2. Gift Cards Or Vouchers

Gift cards or vouchers make a great farewell gift idea for your departing colleague in Singapore. These versatile tokens are perfect for those who appreciate the freedom to choose their present.

Whether for a retail outlet, a favourite restaurant, or an online store, a gift card caters to every individual's unique taste, making it an ideal gift.

To add a personal touch, consider enclosing the voucher in a customised card or a small gift box, perhaps adorned with motifs that resonate with your colleague's interests.

This thoughtful farewell gift offers convenience and shows that you respect their preferences, making it one of the best farewell gifts for colleagues.

3. Memory Book

A memory book is a heartfelt and personalised farewell gift that captures the essence of shared moments. It serves as a memorable keepsake, chronicling the journey you've shared with your colleague.

To create this unique gift, gather photos, anecdotes, and messages from other team members.

Craft it into a beautifully bound book with a custom cover that reflects something meaningful to your departing colleague.

Present this thoughtful gift during a farewell gathering, making it a perfect present that immortalises the time spent together. This personalised farewell gift will undoubtedly be cherished for years to come.

4. Scented Candle

Scented candles are not just a thoughtful gift; they are an experience.

Gifting a beautifully crafted scented candle is a wonderful way to bid farewell to a colleague. It symbolises warmth and light, ideal for wishing them success in their new journey.

Choose a fragrance that you feel resonates with their personality or could bring relaxation in their new environment.

To make this farewell gift more special, place the candle in an elegant gift box, perhaps tied with a ribbon and a personal note attached.

With its soothing presence, this unique gift makes for a perfect present, offering a serene reminder of the time spent together.

5. Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a sophisticated and thoughtful farewell gift, perfect for a colleague who appreciates the finer things in life.

When selecting wine glasses, consider the type of wine your colleague prefers – red, white, or sparkling – as different shapes enhance different varieties.

For your departing coworker, choose a set that reflects their style. Consider the weight and balance of the glasses, as some may prefer a lighter, more delicate glass, while others may appreciate a sturdier feel.

Consider engraving the glasses with a special message or their initials to add a personal touch. Present them in a luxurious gift box, making it a perfect present for a farewell gathering.

This level of personalisation and attention to detail will show your colleague how much you value the time spent together, making the wine glasses not just a gift but a lasting token of appreciation.

6. Wall Art Or Prints

Wall art or prints are a fantastic way to add a personal and creative touch to a farewell gift.

Whether it's a digital print of a favourite quote or a wall art, a piece of art that resonates with your beloved colleague's taste, or a photograph of a memorable team moment, this gift can brighten up their new workspace or home.

To make it more special, consider framing the print in a style that suits their personality.

Presenting this gift at their farewell party will add an artistic flair to their new beginning and serve as a one-of-a-kind reminder of the time spent together. This farewell gift idea is ideal for those who appreciate art and personalised touches.

7. Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are an excellent choice for a farewell gift, especially for a colleague who values relaxation and well-being.

When selecting a diffuser, consider the size and diffusion area – a compact design is ideal for smaller spaces or office desks. In contrast, a larger diffuser can be more suitable for home use.

The aesthetic aspect is also crucial; choose a diffuser that complements your style, whether it's a minimalist design, a natural wood finish, or a more decorative look.

Choose a diffuser with a sleek design that can double as a stylish desk accessory, and include a selection of essential oils known for their calming or energising properties. You can present this gift in an elegant box with a special message from the team.

This farewell gift is practical and a heartfelt reminder of your support for their well-being, making it one of the best farewell gift ideas for someone embarking on a new chapter in their life.

A well-chosen essential oil diffuser can provide comfort and a reminder of the serene environment they've enjoyed with colleagues.

8. Books

Books are a classic and thoughtful farewell gift, perfect for a colleague who loves to read or is always keen to learn something new. When selecting a book, consider the genre or subjects your colleague is passionate about.

For instance, a beautifully illustrated travel book might be ideal for someone who loves exploring or a comprehensive cookbook for a culinary enthusiast.

It's also a good idea to consider the latest releases in their favourite genre or highly recommended titles in their field of interest, ensuring the gift is current and engaging.

To make it more personal, choose a book that resonates with their interests or aspirations.

Another thoughtful addition could be a custom bookmark with an inspiring quote or a message from the team. This farewell gift idea shows that you acknowledge and celebrate their interests and passions.

9. Desk Plants

Desk plants are an excellent farewell gift idea, especially for colleagues who appreciate a touch of nature.

When selecting a plant, consider the plant's symbolism or meaning – for instance, a bamboo plant for luck or an aloe vera for healing and growth, adding an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your gift.

You can also think about the size of the plant; a compact plant is perfect for smaller desks or office spaces, while a larger one can make a bold statement in a spacious area.

Presenting this gift at their farewell adds a personal and green touch to their new desk. This shows your consideration for their preferences and future work environment, making it a thoughtful and functional farewell gift.

10. Teapot Sets

Teapot sets symbolise a break from the hustle of life, making them a great farewell gift to acknowledge the times you've shared with your colleague.

When selecting a teapot set, consider the material – options like ceramic, glass, or cast iron can cater to different tastes and have unique aesthetic appeal.

You can also choose a set that aligns with their aesthetic preferences, perhaps something modern or with a traditional touch.

You can enhance this gift by including a selection of teas, ranging from classic blends to exotic flavours.

Wrap the set in a beautiful gift box and present it as they prepare to leave. It's a way of wishing them relaxation and peaceful moments in their new endeavour.

A well-chosen teapot set serves as a practical farewell gift and a reminder of the calm and serene moments they can enjoy amidst their busy life.

11. Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards are a unique and thoughtful farewell gift, perfect for a colleague who appreciates positive and motivational words.

These cards, often filled with uplifting quotes and affirmations, can inspire your friend daily as they embark on their new job.

To make this gift even more personal, you could create a set of these cards, choosing messages that resonate with their personality and journey.

Present these cards in a small, stylish box or envelope, adding a touch of elegance to this meaningful gift.

Gifting affirmation cards at a farewell is a wonderful way to remind your colleagues that they are valued and will be missed, making this a memorable and personalised farewell gift they won't easily forget.

12. Sleeping Mask

A sleeping mask is a practical and thoughtful farewell gift, especially for a colleague who values rest.

When choosing a sleeping mask, consider the material – opt for soft, breathable fabrics like silk or satin that are gentle on the skin and effective in blocking out light.

The fit is also crucial; look for a mask with an adjustable strap to ensure comfort and a snug fit for any head size.

Some masks include additional features like contoured eye spaces to prevent pressure on the eyes or are infused with soothing aromas like lavender to enhance relaxation.

You can also choose a mask with a soothing design or even personalise it with a fun or inspiring message. Wrap this gift in elegant packaging to add a sense of surprise and delight.

Presenting a sleeping mask as a farewell gift is not just about aiding in better sleep; it's a thoughtful way of showing your colleague that you care about their well-being as they transition to their new chapter.

13. Customised T-Shirt Or Hoodie

A customised t-shirt or hoodie makes a fantastic and personal farewell gift. When choosing the perfect one, consider the fabric quality – a soft, durable material like cotton blend can ensure comfort and longevity.

For the design, think beyond text – incorporating graphics or images that are meaningful to your colleague or represent significant team milestones can add a layer of personalisation.

This could include a team photo, a graphic representation of an office inside joke, or a symbolic image of a project they were particularly passionate about.

To give this gift a surprise element, you could wrap it in colourful paper or place it in a gift bag with a heartfelt note attached.

Presenting this customised apparel at their farewell party will bring a smile to their face and serve as a comfortable and memorable keepsake of the times spent together with friends and colleagues.

14. Linen Sheet Set

A linen sheet set is a luxurious and thoughtful farewell gift, ideal for a colleague who values comfort and quality in their home life.

Linen sheets are known for their durability, breathability, and ability to become softer with each wash, making them a gift that keeps on giving.

Choose a set in a neutral colour or shade you know your colleague loves. To make this gift even more special, consider presenting it in a high-quality gift box tied with a ribbon, adding a touch of sophistication.

This type of farewell gift is not just about the item itself but about offering a luxury and relaxation that your colleague can enjoy daily, making it a thoughtful and memorable way to say goodbye.

15. Personalised Tote Bags

Personalised tote bags are a stylish and practical farewell gift, perfect for colleagues who appreciate functionality and personal style.

Tote bags are versatile and can be used for various purposes, from grocery shopping to carrying essentials for a day out.

Personalising these bags can be done by printing a special message, a memorable date, or even an artwork that holds significance to your colleague.

To present this gift, you could fill the tote bag with small tokens or treats, then wrap it in a packaging. It's a simple yet effective way to make your departing friend smile and remember the good times shared.

16. Mini Handheld Or Desk Fan

In the warm climate of Singapore, a mini handheld or desk fan is a thoughtful and practical farewell gift for a colleague. These fans are perfect for providing a personal breeze at the office or on the go, making them an ideal accessory for everyday comfort.

You can choose a fan that matches your colleague's style or even get one that's compact and portable for ease of use.

Some models also have features like a built-in misting function or noiseless operation, which can be especially appealing for use in a busy work environment or while travelling.

To add a creative touch, you could personalise it with a small note or their initials.

Wrap this gift in a fun and colourful package, and give it to them on their last day to symbolise wishing them a 'cool' and comfortable start in their new endeavour.

17. Journal And Pen

A journal and pen set is a classic and elegant farewell gift, perfect for a colleague who loves to jot down thoughts, ideas, or plans.

A high-quality journal offers a personal space for reflection and creativity, while a sleek pen adds a touch of sophistication to the writing experience.

When choosing a journal, consider the paper quality - thicker pages are ideal for those who use ink-heavy pens or markers. Also, consider the journal's binding; a lay-flat design can make writing more comfortable.

You can also consider one with a durable and stylish cover, perhaps even getting it embossed with your colleague's initials for a personal touch.

For the pen, look for one that complements the journal in style and functionality, such as a fountain pen for a classic touch or a high-quality ballpoint for smooth, effortless writing.

Pairing a journal with a comfortable pen can greatly enhance the writing experience to capture memories, plan for the future, or express themselves, making it a thoughtful reminder of their time spent with you and the team.

18. Insulated Steel Flask

An insulated steel flask is a practical and modern farewell gift, ideal for colleagues who are always on the move or enjoy hot or cold beverages throughout the day.

These flasks are designed to keep drinks at the desired temperature for hours, making them perfect for long commutes or busy workdays.

When selecting an insulated steel flask, consider its thermal efficiency – how long it can keep a beverage hot or cold. Opt for a durable, leak-proof design that can withstand daily wear and tear.

The size is also essential; choose a compact size for easy portability or a larger one for greater capacity, depending on your colleague's typical usage or a flask in a colour or design that suits your colleague's style, and consider personalising it with their name or a special message.

Wrap the flask in stylish gift paper, and present it as a symbol of your warm wishes for their health.

19. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

For a coffee-loving colleague, a cold brew coffee maker is a fantastic and trendy farewell gift. Cold brew makers are perfect for crafting smooth, rich coffee that can be enjoyed, especially in the warm climate.

When choosing a cold brew coffee maker, consider the size and capacity to suit your colleague's lifestyle – whether they prefer a single cup or enough to share with friends.

Look for features that enhance the brewing experience, like adjustable steeping times or a built-in filtration system for ease of use.

You can also select a model that complements your kitchen aesthetics, whether sleek and modern or classic and rustic. Opt for a stylish and easy-to-use model, adding a pack of gourmet coffee beans to complete the set.

You can wrap this gift in contemporary packaging, with a bow and a tag with brewing instructions or a personal message.

20. Perfume

Perfume is a sophisticated and personal farewell gift, suitable for a colleague who appreciates the finer things in life. The scent you choose can be reflective of their personality or a fragrance they have always admired.

When selecting a perfume, consider the season or their preferred scent profile – whether they favour floral, woody, citrus, or spicy aromas.

It can also be meaningful to choose a fragrance from a brand or location that holds special memories or significance for them.

Also, opt for a scent that aligns with their lifestyle, whether subtle and understated for everyday wear or something bold and distinctive for special occasions.

When presenting the perfume, consider placing it in an elegant gift box with a personal note expressing your best wishes.

Conclusion About Farewell Gift Ideas

Selecting the perfect farewell gift is a thoughtful process that shows your appreciation and good wishes for your colleagues as they embark on a new chapter. Each option offers a unique way to say goodbye and leave a lasting impression.

As you consider these farewell gift ideas, remember the timeless charm of floral gifts. Flowers are a classic, versatile option that can express your sentiments beautifully.

And with The Daily Blooms, gifting flowers becomes even more delightful by providing fresh, quality floral arrangements that cater to your preferences.

Shop The Daily Blooms' flower boxes now for a farewell gift that combines beauty, quality, and reliability, perfectly complementing your thoughtful gesture.

Frequently Asked Questions About Farewell Gift Ideas

What Is The Etiquette For Farewell Gift Giving In Singapore?

In Singapore, farewell gift etiquette emphasises respect and thoughtfulness. Gifts should be offered with both hands and received in the same manner. It's also common to initially refuse the gift to show humility.

Avoid gifts in sets of four, as the number is considered unlucky. Wrapping the gift in auspicious colours like red, pink, or gold is also considered good practice.

How Do You Select A Farewell Gift For A Remote Or Virtual Colleague?

When choosing a farewell gift for a remote or virtual colleague, consider items easily sent and used in a home office setting, like digital gift cards, e-books, or a professional or personal interest service subscription.

Selecting something that reflects their interests or contributions to the team is also thoughtful.

How Much Should I Spend On A Farewell Gift?

The amount spent on a farewell gift should be based on your relationship with the colleague and your budget. Typically, a $10 to $50 range is common for coworkers, while closer relationships might warrant a higher amount.

It's more important to ensure the gift is thoughtful and appropriate rather than focusing solely on its cost.

What Flowers Should I Give As A Farewell Gift?

Choose flowers that symbolise good luck and new beginnings for a farewell gift, such as daffodils, irises, or lilies. Opt for bright and cheerful colours to convey positive wishes for the future.

Consider the personal preferences or cultural significance of certain flowers to the recipient.

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