Zara Grand Opening @ ION Orchard

zara white tulips

Recently, The Daily Blooms had the honor of partnering with Zara for their latest store opening at Ion orchard. 

For the event, The Daily Blooms collaborated closely with Zara to devise a floral arrangement that seamlessly showcased Zara's signature style and essence.

The approach was simple yet impactful: to pre-wrap 1000 tulips in elegant bundles, to be gifted with any purchase made during the event. Additionally, we provided the white crates to enhance the presentation and ensure that each tulip bundle was elegantly showcased. 

In the world of fashion and beyond, partnerships like these remind us of the boundless possibilities that emerge when passion and creativity unite. By intertwining elements of fashion and florals, our intention was to add a touch of elegance to the opening event, with the sincere hope of leaving a modest yet memorable impact on all those who attended.

We're grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Zara's journey and eagerly anticipate future collaborations that continue to inspire and delight.

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