4 Things You Can Do for Mother’s Day 2024

4 Things You Can Do for Mother’s Day 2024

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s time to show Mom just how much you appreciate her! P.s This post would be especially useful if your mom’s love language is acts of service! 

1. Whip up a meal for mom 

Start Mom’s day off right by attempting to cook her a brunch spread. Whether you’re a culinary master or a kitchen disaster, the effort is what counts! Even if your scrambled eggs end up looking more like scrambled mess, Mom will appreciate the thoughtfulness and the laughter that comes with it. Additionally, you can add to the atmosphere by adding pretty flowers to the table, making your mom feel like she’s having brunch in Paris (without having to pay for the trip to paris) 

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2. Create a DIY “Mom’s Day Off” Coupon Book

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Give Mom the gift of relaxation with a DIY “Mom’s Day Off” coupon book. Include coupons for things like a day of pampering, a movie marathon of her choice (no complaints allowed), and a free pass to skip household chores for a day. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – and Mom will love cashing in on her well-deserved day of rest.

Get the free printable template here


3. Become Her Personal Assistant for the Day

Step aside, Siri – today, you’re Mom’s personal assistant! Let the roles reverse and spend the day catering to her every whim, whether it’s fetching her morning coffee, running errands, or answering her endless stream of questions. This is the perfect idea to express your gratitude and sincerity! Bonus points if you dress the part and wear a suit and carry around a clipboard for added authenticity.

4. Create a “Mom Appreciation” PowerPoint Presentation

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Who says PowerPoint presentations are just for work? Show Mom how much you appreciate her with a hilariously heartfelt presentation highlighting all of her amazing qualities. Include embarrassing childhood photos, funny anecdotes, and heartfelt messages to really tug at her heartstrings and maybe even earn a few extra brownie points by sending her flowers

Find the above template here



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