4 Simple Tips On Caring For Your Flowers (Bloom Box)

Flowers are such beautiful gifts and it never fails to brighten up a room or someone's mood. How great it would be if they could last forever! The reality is that fresh flowers do not thrive well in a tropical climate and our customers frequently ask how their beautiful Bloom Boxes, can last longer here in Singapore.

As a rule of thumb, fresh cut flowers generally last 3 days - 5 days, depending on the preparation method and the type of flowers used. With our Bloom Boxes, we have 4 simple tricks to help extend their lifespan!

  1. The box that the Bloom Box arrangements come in act as a "vase" for the flowers as the flowers are inserted into a floral foam which retains water.  Just pour a small teacup of water daily from the back of the box onto the sponge to let it absorb the water for the flowers.

  2. Spritz the blooms with some water so that they stay refreshed and hydrated.

  3. Keep your Bloom Boxes away from direct sunlight.

  4. Store the Bloom Box in a cool air-conditioned area.


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