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Matchaya x The Daily Blooms Gift Bundle

A special collaboration with Matchaya!

Tea for that special moment to compliment your fresh flowers. A fragrant fantasy, this aromatic blend of Matchaya's Tea is a voyage to compliment The Daily Blooms fresh flowers.

Gift Bundle Option includes:

1 x Fresh Flower Bloom Box (Design will follow the arrangement of the week)

1 x Matchaya Floral Tea Gift Set (10 x 2g Teabags)

Momo Sencha - A perfect combination of sencha tea and the sweetness of white peach. (10 x 2g Teabags)

Sencha Yuzu - Subtle combination of sencha tea and zestiness of yuzu. (10 x 2g Teabags)

Lavender Yuzu Houjicha - Subtle combination of roasted green tea, zestiness of yuzu and fresh aroma of lavender. (10 x 2g Teabags)

Sakura Spring - Blends of sencha tea, delicate rose petals and cherry blossoms. (10 x 2g Teabags)

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Floral Arrangement:

Please note that we may have to substitute or make slight changes to the floral arrangement. We will do our best to keep to a similar colour theme.